Photo Album

This photograph from Friday, January 31, 2020 shows the new Beekmantown Elementary School's cafeteria space that features ample natural light and suitable finishes on floors and walls for student use throughout breakfast time and lunch time.
This snapshot, captured January 31, 2020, shows the re-constructed Beekmantown Elementary School main pedestrian entranceway that includes passive security features requiring visitors to engage directly with school main office staff prior to entering the rest of the school.
This snapshot of January 17, 2020 shows that installation of chairs and table systems for the large group instruction room is mostly completed. It's anticipated the general construction contractor will reach substantial completion of the large group instruction room later this month.
This mid-December 2019 snapshot spotlights the east wall of the large group instruction room captured from the west site of that new program space, slated for substantial completion the last week of January 2020.
This snapshot illustrates that general construction of the large group instruction room (also called the learning theater) continued December 2019 despite cold wintry weather.
This snapshot shows a construction crew member installing ceiling mounted audio video system cables in the large group instruction room during the two days immediately prior to the Thanksgiving holiday recess period.
This snapshot shows Adams Glass crew members installing the large group instruction room's south-facing curtain wall featuring natural light through the glass panels, during the last week of November 2019.
This snapshot from late in November 2019 shows construction crew members on an orange articulated boom lift and a blue scissors lift within the soon-to-be-completed large group instruction room that will also be called the Learning Theater. There is substantial construction work within the high ceiling areas of that new program space.
This snapshot illustrates that contractors of various trades were at work on the soon to be completed main pedestrian entrance at Beekmantown Elementary School during the week of October 25, 2019.
Pictured in this snapshot is installation of precast concrete masonry units at the job site of what will eventually be the large group instruction room. Each of those precast masonry units weighs roughly 150 pounds. This snapshot was captured Thursday, October 24, 2019.
Two masons are pictured October 3, 2019 constructing a concrete block wall at the construction side of the soon to be completed main pedestrian entrance at Beekmantown Elementary School.
This is an October 2019 snapshot of the construction site that will soon become the expanded and re-constructed main pedestrian entrance at Beekmantown Elementary School
This snapshot illustrates electrical workers and HVAC workers working simultaneously within the Beekmantown Elementary School cafeteria job site, August 23, 2019.
Pictured are masonry crew members engaged with exterior brick construction and concrete block construction at Beekmantown Elementary School's expanded main pedestrian entrance, August 2019.
This snapshot features two members of Weydman Electric's electrical construction crew re-wiring a segment of the main campus electrical power wiring system.
Featured in this snapshot captured during the week of August 9th is a heating and ventilation system rooftop unit being lowered by a mobile crane onto the roof section of what will soon be the new Beekmantown Elementary School cafeteria. That rooftop unit will provide ventilation system services for that entire section of that elementary school.
Pictured above are cement mixer trucks delivering cement during the first full week of August 2019 that would be used that day during the process of completing some drainage system installation work associated with the re-constructed athletic field and all-weather track.
This photograph shows delivery of cement by cement mixer truck to the location of what will soon be the expanded and updated main pedestrian entrance at Beekmantown Elementary School.
This picture shows the LGI program space's metal studs and concrete foundation, as of mid-summer 2019.
This picture shows two welders associated with general construction contractor Bast Hatfield are shown, installing structural steel and associated metal decking material on top of what will become the large group instruction room, mid-summer 2019.
This picture shows an excavator being used mid-summer 2019 to dig a trench that will be used to place conduits for water lines.
Members of the Bast Hatfield general construction crew, pictured July 17, 2019 are busy at work on the job site for the updated main pedestrian entrance to Beekmantown Elementary School. They are preparing a set of forms that will be filled with cement later that same day, as part of the foundation work.
Pictured early in the morning of Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at the southern wall of the future pickleball & tennis courts on the athletics field area are construction workers engaged with smoothing cement that was poured a short while ago that morning.
Pictured here is a section of the high school athletic field bleachers being re-located Monday, July 15, 2019 from the former feature field, as part of preparing those bleachers to be re-deployed to the new feature field.
Site construction company J.E. Sheehan's crew is pictured Monday, July 15, 2019 in the process of delivering, distributing and leveling a layer of stone on the new feature field that has been under construction during recent months. An excavator operator is helping to distribute that stone on the field.
Captured in this snapshot is an electrician who is a member of electrical contractor Weydman Electric and Communications' electrical work crew. On July 11, 2019 this electrician was in the process of installing electrical power and communications lines at the feature field area on the main campus.
On July 8, 2019 general construction company Bast Hatfield's concrete construction team members used a cement pumper truck that is featured in the background of this snapshot to place cement across the large group instruction room job site, as part of preparing the foundation for that large group instruction room.
Constructing the concrete foundation for the large group instruction room is a labor-intensive process. Pictured in this snapshot are five members of general construction company Bast Hatfield's concrete construction crew on July 8, 2019 working diligently to smooth freshly poured cement at the job site.
This is a picture of a front loader placing stone June 24, 2019 s an early step in the process of re-constructing pickleball-tennis courts on the athletic fields segment of the main campus.
A ten-wheel dump truck delivers a load of stone June 24, 2019 to the athletic fields area that will soon become the re-constructed pickleball-tennis courts on the main campus.
Multiple construction workers are underway with various general construction tasks and electrical system construction tasks during the week of June 12, 2019 at the site of the future Large Group Instruction Room, adjacent to the vestibule entrance at Beekmantown Middle School.
An excavator operator near the vestibule entrance to Beekmantown Middle School is excavating soil after regular school hours on Thursday, June 13, 2019. This job site will eventually become the Large Group Instruction Room, as part of this capital project's work scope for the construction season now underway.
An excavator operator on June 14, 2019 is carefully placing structural fill around a newly completed storm water drainage structure, on the athletic fields area. Bolstered storm water drainage systems are one of the improvements we'll see for the re-constructed athletic fields at the main campus at Beekmantown CSD.
A May 2019 component of constructing a comprehensively improved feature field and all-weather track was removing the legacy track that served the school community for many years. Pictured here are some of the earth moving equipment operated by members of J E Sheehan's site construction crew.
This snapshot during May 2019 illustrates the coordinated use of heavy construction equipment by experienced operators employed by site contractor J E Sheehan.
Construction of the foundation walls for the large group instruction room is underway mid-May 2019.
Members of the site construction crew were engaged with assembling elements of a bolstered and improved drainage system for the athletic fields in this mid-May 2019 snapshot.
This October 10, 2018 snapshot features the new exterior power poles and LED lighting at main campus bus loop and parking areas.
This snapshot features the newly-installed pedestrian safety fencing along certain sidewalks at the main campus, October 2018.
This picture shows a bulldozer and an excavator performing site construction work as part of upgrading various athletic field on the eastern side of the main campus launched September 2018.
This snapshot offers a view of the student parking and visitor parking area that became operational September 2018.
Site construction workers install a drainage pipe.
A bulldozer helps smooth the space that will be used for new sidewalks near the bus loop.
Two large dump trucks deliver stone that will be used to help construct the new bus loop
Site construction workers construct a concrete sidewalk near the new bus loop
A dump truck delivers a load of stone August 13, 2018
Members of the concrete construction crew continue laying sidewalks August 13, 2018.
A large tracked excavator moves stone as part of re-constructing the main campus bus loop August 14, 2018
Five members of the concrete construction crew are pouring and distributing cement, as part of constructing the new sidewalks associated with the new main campus bus loop.
Stone for the new bus loop is delivered on August 14, 2018. Pictured is the bulldozer that is used to help distribute and make level the stone that is delivered.
This picture shows the cement crew and its equipment as the crew begins concrete curb construction August 16, 2018
This picture shows construction workers and their construction equipment at the southern end of the bus loop re-construction project. This  picture was taken on August 16, 2018.
This picture shows a drainage structure, along with excavation of soil at the southern end of the bus loop re-construction project on August 15, 2018.
This picture is from Friday, August 17, 2018 showing a bulldozer on the Beekmantown Central School District campus leveling stone that will be compacted and serve as the sub-base for the bus loop pavement.
This picture of August 17, 2018 shows sidewalk work and bus loop construction work.
This picture shows a segment of the soon-to-be paved bus loop area in front of the main campus elementary school and the high school on August 22, 2018.
This picture shows four of the six-member concrete construction crew busy working August 22, 2018.
This picture shows site construction workers installing additional drainage capacity in front of the elementary school August 22, 2018.
This picture shows two members of the site construction crew covering a new drainage pipe with stone on August 22, 2018.
This picture shows the reconstructed bus loop, looking north from the southern end of the main campus August 22, 2018.
This picture was taken on August 31, 2018 and shows a bulldozer levels soil that will be used to create green space at the newly widened main entrance to Beekmantown Elementary School and Beekmantown High School.
This picture features concrete curbing that is featured August 31, 2018 at the widened campus entrance/exit on Spellman Road.
This picture shows a concrete construction crew member smoothing newly poured concrete, as part of sidewalk construction August 2018.
This picture shows the top coat of pavement being placed on the reconstructed main campus bus loop August 31, 2018.
This picture shows a vibratory roller compacting and smoothing newly laid top coat pavement on the main campus bus loop.
This picture shows dump trucks waiting in line to deliver their load of hot asphalt August 31, 2018.
First day of school September 6, 2018 is also the first official use of the newly re-constructed bus loop. Pictured here are students exiting school buses for the start of classes.