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Central Print Center FAQ

How can I contact you?
Please call the Registrar’s office at X5520

What are the hours of operation?
Monday through Friday 7:20 am to 3:30 pm. Electronic orders received after hours and weekends will be processed the next working day and delivered within 24-48 hours of processing.

How do I use the online CPC request form?
The online CPC request form form is an electronic version of the format that is used by BOCES for print jobs. You need to fill out the information in the form and then click the submit button once completed. The top of the form is where you type in the information and underneath that are drop down boxes for paper type and check boxes for additional information. There is a special instructions box where you can enter any additional information or special requests. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the job request number. Please reference this number in all communications with CPC staff.

Can I email you my order instead of using the form?
No, for consistency and tracking purposes, please complete the Central Print Center request form available at www.bcsdk12.org/cpcrequestform

What is the turn around time for my job?
It depends on how complex your job is. Most jobs can be returned within two days depending on what time we receive it. More complicated jobs could take longer but you will be advised if this is the case.

How do you calculate “# of originals”?
A single sheet of paper copied on one side is 1 original. A single sheet of paper copied on both sides is 2 originals. Example: 4 double sided sheets of paper copied = 8 originals.

What is the difference between “collate” and “grouped”?
If you have 3 sheets of paper, A-B-C, you want 30 copies and you circle/check “collate” you will receive A-B-C, A-B-C, etc. 30 times. If, in this same example, you circle/check “grouped” you will receive A 30 times, B 30 times, and C 30 times. Note: If you circle/check “staple” it will automatically collate A-B-C then staple.

Does it matter how I position my scanned copies that I send to the copy center?
Yes, especially if you want them stapled or 3 hole punched. If one of your scanned copies is upside down, it will be 3 hole punched on the wrong side or stapled in the wrong corner. Electronic orders go from what you send us through the computer directly to the copier.

Can I send more than one order electronically and have you combine them?
No, this can be very confusing and it defeats the purpose of an electronic order.

Is there training available to learn to scan, fill out forms, ask questions, etc?
Yes, please call the Registar’s Office at ext. 5520 and we can arrange a training session for you.

Do I need permission to reproduce copyrighted materials if it’s for education?
Yes, you do. Not all materials for education fall under the Fair Use Law. It is up to you to be sure that you acquire written permission to reproduce copyrighted materials, as you will be required to show that permission in the event of a lawsuit. If you purchase a book with reproducible work sheets, make sure you keep the receipt as proof of ownership. Do not assume everything on the Internet is copyright free. When in doubt, contact the copyright owner and get permission in writing.

How do I get the best quality copies from the Central Print Center?
We will always try to give you the best copies we can, but there are limitations to what we can do with poor quality originals. Originals should be black ink on white paper for best quality. Originals on color paper, especially darker colors like cherry or the ultra bright colors don’t scan well. Originals with light type, lightly shaded gray areas or large solid black areas do not scan well. Do not staple or tape originals together. When you remove the staples or tape to copy them the old staples come up as dark smudges. For best quality try to send the file in an electronic format such as a PDF or MS Word document. If you want us to print a picture please make sure the photo is taken at the highest resolution possible.

Can I supply my own paper for a job?
Yes, in fact you will need to if you are using anything besides standard white copy bond paper. We ask that you allow us look at the paper to make sure it will be able to be run through the machine.

Can I have the Print Center do personal work for me?
We are not doing private work for employees so please make sure your items are classroom or office related.

How do I have an item copied that does not yet exist in digital form?
There are several ways to do this, all of them do involve still filling out the CPC request form however for auditing and tracking purposes.

Option 1
1. At the device of your choosing, scan the originals.
2. Fill out the CPC request form and attach the scanned document.

Option 2
1. Fill out a CPC request form and indicate that you will be bringing down the original documents.
2. Either bring the originals to the Central Print Center or send them via Inter-Office mail. In either case, please include the CPC work order number on the document as a reference.