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Device Protection Plan

Device Protection Plan  

As a complement to Beekmantown CSD’s 1:1 Digital Literacy initiative, parents of children in grades 3-12 who have Chromebooks issued to them have the option each year of enrolling in a Device Protection Plan (DPP). This Device Protection Plan is available through the district’s student-run help desk club.

Enrollment in this DPP will minimize potential repair and/or replacement costs that could result from damage to your child’s assigned device.   Although you are not required to choose the DPP, parents are strongly encouraged to consider its purchase as the DPP will protect your child’s device against accidental damage and theft. Coverage under the DPP begins when payment is received and covers your child’s device for the duration of one school year ending June 30th.  If payment is received prior to the start of Summer vacation for the following school year, student issued devices may also be taken home if desired and will be covered by the DPP over the summer.


What is covered under the plan?

  • The DPP covers one repair of non-intentional damage per school year ending June 30th.  This includes cracked screens or cases, replacement keyboard and/or trackpads, and other hardware issues such as video cables & broken ports.
  • Any additional repairs of non-intentional damage during the enrollment period will incur a flat $10 service fee and will cover all parts and service .  
  • Any items which are deemed warranty repairs are covered as well by the Student Run Help Desk as long as the student has the device.

What is NOT covered under the plan?

  • Intentional  damage to the device is not covered under the plan and will require payment for parts at full price.
  • Negligent damage, damage to a device which occurs while the device is removed from its protective case, and damage caused by improper use. Please note that the final determination of whether damage is deemed intentional or negligent will be decided by the Student Run Help Desk in conjunction with the Dept. of 21st Century Learning.
  • Damaged or missing power adapter/cord.  Replacement power adapters can be purchased directly from the Student Run Help Desk or through links supplied on the district’s website.
  • Loss of the device and damage beyond normal wear and tear to protective case is NOT covered under the plan and will result in billing for replacement item(s). Please note that students have Chromebooks and cases are replaced every three to four years depending on the grade level so care should be exercised to treat them well.  These cases are made well and meant to last, but are not indestructible.
  • Reported incidents of intentional misuse (e.g. throwing, kicking, punching) of devices may result in the raising of the per incident service fee to $20 or the cancellation of the Device Protection at the sole discretion of the Student Help Desk Club.If cancellation of a Device Protection Plan occurs, no refund will be issued.

What if my child’s issued device gets stolen?

If the device is stolen in school, the incident must be reported by the student to the main office as soon as possible. If the device is stolen outside of school, the parent/guardian must file a police report in a timely manner. A copy of the report must be turned in to the Department of 21st Century Learning.  Once this report is received, a replacement Chromebook will be issued.  If a DPP is not in effect the parent/guardian will be responsible for the replacement cost of the device.


How do I enroll or decline the Device Protection Plan?

You will need to visit:

Please note that you must provide your child’s name and school name when processing the device protection plan payment. Please note that enrollment in the DPP is non-refundable even if the child unenrolls from the district. Enrollment in the DPP may be done at any time during the school year.  However, all devices will be inspected before they are covered by the DPP to ensure that no prior damage exists before covering the unit.


What if I do not wish to enroll in the Device Protection Plan?

If you choose not to enroll in the Device Protection Plan, we ask that you will still visit the same link above, so that you note your preferences.  The Device Protection Plan is not required, but we want to make sure that all parents are informed that it is available and what it means if they choose not to obtain it.  Parents who DECLINE the purchase of a Device Protection Plan are responsible for 100% of all repair and replacement costs for the device if they become damaged.. The following prices are estimates for common repairs, as exact costs for each incident will be made upon further inspection of the damaged device.

Total Unit Replacement :  $225 (Chromebook, power adapter & case)

Damaged Parts replacement without DPP



Case (Fabric)










WiFi Card






Video Cable








Hinge (Set of 2)



For devices or damage which are not covered under a Device Protection Plan?, each incident will incur a separate charge. Should a student’s device become damaged, the student will still have access to a device within their classrooms while their assigned device is being repaired. If not enrolled in the DPP, the assigned device will be returned to the student once repair fees for damage have been paid. If you have any questions about the Device Protection Plan, please contact David Yonteff, Advisor to the Student Run Help Desk at