Residency FAQ

If a family is in the process of moving into a home in the district but is not actually residing there yet can their children attend BCSD?

“The children of families who have signed a contract to buy or build a residence in the school district or who have executed a lease for premises within the district, and who plan to become residents upon availability of the structure, and can anticipate availability within 90 days of enrollment, may be enrolled during the semester in which they expect to become residents, without payment of tuition.” BCSD Policy 5152

If a student is 16 or older and his or her parents reside outside of the district, but the student resides in a separate location inside the district can the student attend BCSD?

“In addition, students can rebut the presumption that their residence is with their parents if they can establish themselves as emancipated minors. A student is considered emancipated if he or she is beyond the compulsory school age, is living separate and apart from his or her parents in a manner inconsistent with parental custody and control, is not receiving financial support from his or her parents, and has no intent to return home.“ NYSSBA School Law 37th Edition Section 49.10

“Students also can establish residence apart from their parents for other bona fide reasons such as family conflict, or the hardships of single parenting.” NYSSBA School Law 37th Edition Section 49.11


What is “compulsory school age”?

“All children must remain in attendance until the last day of the school year in which they reach the age of 16. In this context school year refers to the official school year commencing July 1 each year and ending June 30th of the following year…” NYSSBA School Law 37th Edition Section 48.1


Who may determine whether a child is a resident of the district?

“The school board or its designee determines whether a child is a resident entitled to attend the school of its district.” NYSSBA School Law 37th Edition Section 49.18

“A determination that a child is a nonresident must be supported by sufficient evidence to establish non-residence.” NYSSBA School Law 37th Edition Section 49.20


May the children of a family residing outside of the district attend BCSD if they pay tuition?

The Beekmantown Central School District does not have provisions in its policies for permitting tuition paying students to attend.  Only students who are legal residents of the district may be enrolled as students in the district.


If a staff, faculty, or community member has questions not specifically addressed in this FAQ who should they ask?

All questions pertaining to residency and/or tuition should be addressed to the District Registrar's Office at 518.324.2597.