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The links listed below provide math resources that may be helpful to you or your child. – This website is the home of Great Minds, the writers of Eureka Math.  To access the parent resources, click on "Math" and "Eureka Math - The Why Behind the Math", then click on "Families". From there you may create a free account by clicking on "Create an Account".  After you have an account set up, you will be able to access the resources which include Family Tip Sheets, Grade Roadmaps, and Card Games. You may also access the Curriculum Files within the Resources tab.  - Available for Grades K-6, Zearn is an online math resource that uses the Eureka Math curriculum and is available for FREE.  Students can go to Zearn and can work through the missions (a.k.a. modules) at their own pace.  There is an instructional video for each lesson that guides the students through the content of the lesson.  Students can work through the lessons from anywhere that they are able to log-on to the internet.  The step-by-step approach of the lessons provides an opportunity for preview, review, or extra practice of math concepts. 


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