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Workers Compensation

Current Procedures for Worker’s Compensation

Any employee who is injured while working must notify their supervisor during the same work period the incident occurs as well as the Payroll and Benefits Office . In no event shall the notification occur more than 24 hours after the incident. There are mandatory forms that are required to be completed and information that the District is required to provide.  The forms used for this are pre-numbered and maintained in the Payroll and Benefits office, therefore copies of the form cannot be used.

The District is required to file all documentation with our Worker’s Compensation carrier within 10 days of the date of injury or risk being fined for each instance. Therefore, it is imperative that all injuries be reported without delay. All employees (except CH) should contact the Payroll and Benefits office to file an injury report in person. Employees working at Cumberland Head Elementary School should contact the Payroll and Benefits Office as soon as possible to complete the required paperwork.  

Any questions regarding this procedure should be directed to Jennifer Larmon Coughlin, in the Payroll and Benefits office at extension 5503 or Marisa Burke at extension 5510.