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Beekmantown CSD's Department of 21st Century Learning has been working hard to provide enhanced support services to our school community during this period of remote teaching and learning.  We recognize that all of us are vital partners in supporting our students' education. As such, we are providing a variety of tech support services and Chromebook repair. Please take advantage of these resources to let us help you.




For Student Tech Support & Chromebooks in Need of Repair During the Summer Break (June 28 - Sept. 3, 2021): 

*Please note that we do not provide Loaners when a device is brought in for repair and Drop-off and Pick-up will only be scheduled for Monday's between 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Step 1: If your child is in need of support and/or their Chromebook is in need of repair, please Fill out the Student Tech Support Request Form:

Student Tech Support Request Form


Step 2: The Department of 21st Century Learning will receive notification of the request.

Step 3: If a repair is needed you will be contacted to make arrangements for you to drop-off the Chromebook at the main campus, High School Entrance.

      • Chromebook MUST be placed in a sealed, plastic bag and the device will be quarantined for a couple of days.
      • Loaners will will not be issued.

Step 4: After the device is repaired arrangements will be made for you to pickup the device from the main campus, High School Entrance.

      • If there is a cost associated with the repair you will be required to make the payment at the time of pickup.
      • Repair times may take up to at least 1 week, and possibly longer based on technicians work load and part(s) availability.


Maximizing Performance in Google Meet 

Google Meet Logo


We strongly suggest reviewing the tips below to ensure maximum performance on your child's Chromebook or home computer while using Google Meet.

  • Please visit or and run a speedtest on yours or your child's device.  If your download and/or upload speed is 3 Mbps or less you will most likely end up dropping the Google Meet connection.  For best performance you will want a speed closer to 6 Mbps.  If this is the case, you may want to contact your internet service provider to ensure you are getting adequate bandwidth to your home.
  • If your wireless modem or router is more than four years old, you may also want to consider replacing it to obtain optimum throughput.  
  • Remove any unnecessary Chrome extensions (which can bog down the device)
  • Consider moving the device closer to the wireless router.
  • Consider using your cell phone as a wireless hotspot.
  • Make sure than any unnecessary devices are not in use (gaming, streaming music, etc.).
  • Make sure that your router is broadcasting on the 2.4Ghz frequencies and not just the 5 Ghz frequency as Chromebooks will not connect on 5 Ghz.
  • Close ALL tabs in the Chrome browser except the ones you absolutely need to follow along in class.
  • Completely power the Chromebook down (NOT just close the lid) and power it back on and log back in.  This will allow any important updates to be installed.
  • Modify the settings for Google Meet after watching the video linked below.
  • If you have followed these suggestions and are still having difficulties, you may also choose to use a different device.  If you have a different device (desktop computer, PC laptop, or MacBook) you may download the Chrome browser and then, once installed, run the Chrome browser and visit and login using your Beekmantown CSD user account.  You will have access to all of the software and services that are present on the district-issued Chromebook.
  • As a last resort, you may also need to go to another person's home that has better internet service.
  • These steps are all ones that can help.  We encourage staff and students to try these before opening a Help Desk ticket or a Chromebook repair ticket.

For Wireless Hotspot Reservation

Kajeet Wireless Hotspot


The Beekmantown Central School District is offering a limited number of free wireless hotspot devices to students who do not have Internet access at home.  These wireless hotspots (called Kajeets) enable students to “check out” Internet service for up to two weeks at a time—absolutely free. Both the device and monthly service fees are fully paid by the district.  The program is intended to help BCSD students access online resources at home to help bridge the digital divide and ensure educational equity. To ensure peace of mind, these devices use internet content filtering and are scheduled so that they cannot be used between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.  The borrowing limit is one device per household, but these devices can be signed out repeatedly throughout the year.  


We ask that parents or guardians visit the link below for more information. Please note that you must fill out TWO forms in order to obtain a wireless hotspot: 1.) a Parental Consent Form and 2.) a Wireless Hotspot Reservation form both of which are available by visiting the link below.


Please note that you must have a reliable and strong cellular service where you live in order for the Kajeets to work properly. Parents who have signed out Kajeets and not returned them will not be eligible for signing out these devices until they are returned. It is also important to note that you MUST fill out a Parental Consent form and THEN reserve a unit.


For full information about the Wireless Hotspots @ Home program, visit:




Usernames & Passwords

Password image


All students PreK3 through 12th grade are issued usernames and passwords to enable them to login to district provided devices and online resources. In almost all cases our usernames follow the format of All teachers in the district have access to the username and password list for the building in which they teach. If you are trying to assist your child in logging in from home, we ask that you start by reaching out to one of your child's teachers using a secure method like the ParentSquare app. If there are still problems with the child logging in, then we would ask that the teacher create a help desk ticket on behalf of the student.



Printing from Chromebooks at home

Printer image



You can print from your Chromebook if necessary using MOST printers that connect to Wi-Fi or a wired network. Currently, Chromebooks do not support Bluetooth printing. Tip: You can also use a standard USB cable to connect your printer to your Chromebook. When you use a cable, you will see a notification. Follow any onscreen instructions. Please note that your printer won't need to be connected to Wi-Fi if it is already directly connected to your Chromebook. Support for printing at home may be found by using the link from Google below. No at home support beyond this can be provided however due to the limitations of time, staff and remote resources.


Set up your Chromebook to print at home



Tech Guides for Parents, Guardians and Students


Learn Key

The following resources are provided for parents, guardians and students to see the district is using Google's products, including Chromebooks and G Suite for Education. Google for Education aims to equip students with the tools they need to learn and collaborate anytime, anywhere.


You may also wish to visit the following link for even more training guides and videos for you and your child(ren): and choose the "Digital Training Resources."