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Digital Training Resources

1 to 1 Plus (Help Desk Login)   Important video which shows staff how to enter Help Desk tickets for tech support (3 minutes 30 seconds)

Castle Learning Online


Castle Learning Online Training Catalog - Scheduled online course offerings with a live Castle Learning trainer.


Castle Learning Video Tutorials


EdLaw 2-D


What is EdLaw 2D (Part 1 of 2)


What is EdLaw 2D (Part 2 of 2)


EdLaw 2D what staff and Parents need to know - PDF Guide




Getting Started with EdPuzzle Tutorials - 10 videos


EdPuzzle Online PD 19 different courses ranging from Inclusion to Project Based Learning and from 40 minutes to 120 minutes




Getting Started Guide - Learn the foundations of Flipgrid 


Remote Learning with Flipgrid Resources which include PDFs, videos and lesson ideas and tips for using Flipgrid for student engagement in the classroom.


GoGuardian Teacher Pre-recorded webinar which gives an overview of GoGuardian Teacher (20 minutes)  A downloadable PDF Guide with tips to getting started using GoGuardian Teacher  Self-paced GoGuardian Teacher which goes over all aspects of GoGuardian Teacher  Pass the assessment to earn GoGuardian Teacher Certification.  


Google (G Suite for Education Tools)


G Suite for Education Learn the Basics by Product


Find Training & Help for ALL G Suite (Google for Education) Products


Learn the Fundamentals of G Suite for Education - (12 Courses - 13 hours in total)


Advanced Training for G Suite for Education - (11 Courses - 13 hours in total)


First Day of Google Classroom


Google Classroom Video Series (60 videos covering a variety of topics to help educators solve challenges using Google Classroom


First Day of Google Meet


Google Meet - End Meet Video Call for Everyone At Once


Google Meet - Conduct Polls


Google Meet - Conduct a Q & A


Google Meet - Mute All Participants at Once


Google Meet - Using Breakout Rooms


Google Meet - Using Grid View


Google Meet - Raise Your Hand Feature


Google Classroom meets Google Meet


First Day of Google Docs


First Day of Google Slides


Google Slides Item Types You Can Do


First Day of Google Forms


Google Meet Training & Help

Google Classroom and Schooltool Integration


Schooltool - Sync Rosters to Google Classroom - PDF Support document from Mindex


Important Assignments from Google Classroom to Schooltool - PDF Support document from Mindex


Google Drive File Stream Use How to use Google Drive File Stream to save and open files on your PC ( 7 minutes 15 seconds)




Getting Started with Kahoot - a PDF Guide


Kahoot Professional Development Presentation - PDF Overview of Kahoot and how it can be used in education.


Take a Tour of Kahoot - (2 minute video)


Creating a Kahoot - ( 1 minutes 30 second video)


Hosting a Live Kahoot ( 1 minute video)


Mobility Printing Instructions for Chromebooks


ParentSquare post with embedded YouTube video


ParentSquare  ParentSquare Training Course  training is designed to empower teachers to start communicating with your class(es) right away and message individual users. Teachers can utilize our two-way platform and send out calendar events, get rsvps, share photos or files, ask for items and request volunteers. ParentSquare helps you get the help you need throughout the school year.  Course has certificate attached.  (Approx. 30 minutes)


Conference Sign Ups - How to - ( 8 minute video)



Pear Deck


Pear Deck Training webinars - 1 hour training webinars that are free to register and attend.


Pear Deck tutorial videos 17 videos covering all aspects of setting up and using Pear Deck



Quizizz University is a 24/7 resource for professional learning designed to educate and inspire you about Quizizz products. In Quizizz University you will find:

  • Quizizz Quick Start: Step-by-step guides for Quiz, Lesson, and Reports.

  • Learning Paths: The WHY behind Quizizz. Pedagogy-focused lessons on enhancing teaching and learning strategies with Quizizz. Certificate of Completion and learning badges provided.

  • On-Demand Resources: Library of topic-specific product education videos and resource links.

  • QU-Live: Calendar of webinars/live learning events exclusively designed for our School and District partners.  Attendees will earn a certificate of completion after attending the webinars.

Raptor Alert Mobile App

Full Training Video using the Mobile App in Raptor: This is the full 15 minute training video explaining emergencies and accountability in the Raptor Alert Mobile app.

Accounting for yourself and students Using the Mobile App in Raptor: This video is part of the video above but is time indexed to jump directly to the section about accountability.

Reading A-Z


Recorded Webinars 


Video Library 


Read&Write & Equatio


Understanding the Tools in Read&Write This Google Doc explains the various tools in Read&Write toolbar, gives sample practice using them and can be shared with your students.


Read&Write for Google This self-paced course covers the fundamentals of using Read&Write for Docs and includes the tools and how to use them ( 50-60 minutes, includes digital badge for successful completion)

Read&Write Strategy Courses - These courses are focused on introducing Read&Write to your class, using Read&Write with High Achieving students, using Read&Write to reach every learner, using Read&Write for the special needs learner, increasing basic comprehension using Read&Write, creating differentiated resources for learner and several other topics.  


Read&Write and Equatio Certifications


Read&Write videos 


Equatio Training Course These video based courses focus on using EquatIO to make math digital and help teachers and students at all levels create math expressions quickly and easily.  These course cover getting started using EquatIO, how EquatIO can be used in Google Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets and Drawings, how you can use the various input methods to create math expressions, how to use all the functionality within mathspace, using EquatIO Mobile to insert hand-written math into a digital format within EquatIO, using the Graph Editor in EquatIO, and inserting geometry symbols in Equatio.


Read&Write and Equatio Resources - Checklists, lesson plans, strategies, help/tip sheets, presentations, and ideas to get you started and keep you going.  Many are contributed by educators just like you.


Understanding the Tools in Read&Write This short (3 min 50 second) YouTube video explains what 2 Step Verification is and how to set it up for your district Google account.