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Computerized Meal Payment

Benefits for Students & Parents


  • Faster Lunch Lines
  • Prepayment
    • Parents do not have to be concerned about "lunch money" every morning
    • Offers better security than daily use of cash
  • Tracking of purchases can be outlined in a report for parents
  • Improved confidentiality for free or reduced price meals
  • Credit balances at the end of the year will carry over to next year


How the system works

Elementary Students
Each student will have an account, which they access by giving their name to the cashier as they pass through the breakfast and lunch lines.

Parents are encouraged to prepay for meals by depositing money into their student's account.

Prepayment will be used for meals only. If you want to allow snack items to be purchased with your prepayment money, please send in a note indicating that you give your permission.

Any current prepaid balances or charges will carry over to the new system.

Cash or checks can be handed directly to the cashier. Parents can also send money into the cafeteria offices.

When sending in checks, please include the student's name on the check.
Make checks payble to:
BCSD School Lunch Program

Charges will only be allowed for meals. Accounts with excessive charges will be turned over to the Principal's office for collection. 

Free & Reduced Price Meal Status
If your child has qualified for free or reduced price meals, this information is securely contained within the system and transactions will be processed just as they are for all other students.

If your family is not currently taking advantage of the program but perhaps qualifies, we encourage you to submit a confidential application at this time.

Food Allergy
If your child has a food allergy and you would like a warning to appearon the cashier's screen, contact the cafeteria office in the building your child attends.

Please contact Roxann Barnes, School Lunch Manager at 563-8250 ext. 5559 for further details.