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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I call the bus garage if my child/children do not need the bus to stop? 


Please call.  Being able to know this information is very helpful.  Not having to make an unnecessary stop helps keep traffic moving and reduces the frustration for other motorists who must stop for buses.  Call your child/children’s driver if you know their number or call the Transportation office at 563-8257 and if there is no answer please leave a voice mail.


Can my child have friends ride the bus for a party at our house, or for a meeting, etc?


Unfortunately, no.  To maintain the SAFEST and most efficient operation, we must keep bus changes to a minimum.  Parents of K-5 students may obtain a request form to change bus stops for their children.  The forms are available from your child’s school office. Special requests for birthdays, scouts, etc can be honored only if the students remain on their regularly scheduled route (bus).


Why is the bus late?


There are many reasons for an occasional late bus.  Weather, traffic, substitute driver or a mechanical problem could all delay a bus.  If your bus is more than 10 minutes late, please feel free to check with the office @ 563-8257.


How do I know if school is closed?


Closing the District schools is done by the Superintendent of Schools after consulting with the transportation supervisor early in the morning. This decision is generally made by 5:30 a.m. and then the information is transmitted to the local media for distribution.  You may obtain the information on all of the local TV stations (WCAX channel 3, WPTZ channel 5 or WVNY channel 22) and the local radio stations.


When can I contact the Transportation Department?


The hours at the bus garage are 6:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on regular school days.  You are welcome to call or visit during those hours to obtain the information you need. Should there be no one to answer your call, please stay on the line and leave a message so we may return your call when we return.


The bus goes by our house twice on its morning run.  Why can’t my child/children get on on the second time by, 10 minutes later?


The bus on your road is routed in that manner to create the SAFEST stop possible for your child/children.  By stopping on the first pass by, your child/children do not need to cross the highway to get to the bus which is by far the SAFEST way to pick up passengers.


Is there a lost and found at the Transportation Department? 


Yes there is an area where drivers place items left on the buses. Drivers will generally keep an item on the bus for two or three days while trying to find the owner. Have your child ask the driver if they found the lost item as your first resort. 


Are there late or activity buses?


Yes.  We run four routes every school day at 3:20 from out of the Middle School loop.  Students from the non-public schools, CV-TEC and those staying after school all ride those buses home.  On most days all students are home by 4:30.  On some days with a large number of riders, students living on the outer edges of the district may be later than 4:30.


How may I find out our bus number for next year?


During the last week in August, the Transportation Department will mail cards to every student address in our database.  These cards will contain bus numbers and times for picking up and dropping off students at their bus stop.  If you do not receive a card by the week before school begins, please call the office for your information.  If you receive a card with wrong information please call the office immediately. 


How may I arrange for my child/children to go to an alternate address for daycare? 


You must file a request for transportation form before changes can be made.  The forms are available from the office of your child/children’s school office. These forms should be filed at least 2 business days before the change is scheduled to go into effect. One day changes are done with bus passes.