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Our school district's attendance policy exists to improve student attendance and support a successful learning environment.

Attendance Matters

Good attendance, along with good instruction, enables a student to:
    •    Learn subject matter and earn good grades,
    •    Develop responsible work and study habits, and
    •    Prepare for the world of work.

Satisfactory Attendance:  
Students who are absent less than 5% of the school year (9-10 absences in total for the year).

Attendance Concerns:  
Students who are absent more than 5% of the school year (more than 9 absences).

Chronic Absences:  
Students who are absent more than 10% of the school year (more than 18 absences in a year, 8% or 14 absences for high school).

Emergency Attendance Situation:  
When a student is absent more than 20% of the school year (20 absences in high school, as there is a risk of failure and 27 absences or more in all other school buildings).


Students who are absent more than 10% of the school year are at serious risk of lower reading and math levels as well as dropping out of school.
Under New York State Education Law, parents are responsible for the regular attendance of their children.

Our district cares about all of our students. We are promoting school attendance in order to decrease dropout rates and keep more students through to graduation. All students should be able to earn the right to walk across the stage in June. So, we encourage everyone to spread the word that attendance matters!

Why this attendance policy?

Creating an early pattern of regular attendance establishes attitudes and habits that will carry over into adult work habits. Inconsistent attendance results in falling behind in class work making it difficult to catch up. It is also unfair to other students when teachers have to back track for students who have missed class lessons. Your child’s success in school depends on having a solid education background, one that can be gained through regular school attendance.

  • Beekmantown is currently at 94.96% ADA or Average Daily Attendance which is near the high risk category.
  • Least risk of chronic absenteeism (ADA rate 97% and up)
  • Risk of chronic absenteeism (ADA rate 93%-96%)
  • High risk of chronic absenteeism (ADA rate 92% or lower)


Policy Procedures

The policy has parent notification letters sent after students reach 7, 14, or 21 absences. Attendance Hearings are scheduled with administration and parents when absences are over 14.  

We realize some absences are unavoidable due to health problems or other circumstances. We also know that when students miss too much school regardless of the reason, it can cause them to fall behind academically. Your child is less likely to succeed if he or she is chronically absent which means missing 18 or more days over the course of an entire school year.


Research shows:
    •    Children chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the end of third grade.
    •    By 6th grade, chronic absence is a proven early warning sign for students at risk for dropping out of school.
    •    By 9th grade, good attendance can predict graduation rates even better than 8th grade test scores.


Policy Requirements

Parents must provide written notes within 2 school days of return or absences will be classified as unexcused.

    •    Up to 5 parent notes for medical concerns will be accepted, then physician notes will be needed for chronic illness or medical concerns. Student absences occuring after 5 parent notes have been received will be listed as unexcused.
    •    Up to 9 absences, with parent and physician notes will be accepted, then a HIPPA Release will be requested to contact the physician (if concerns are medical in nature), in order to support chronic medical concerns. If parents refuse to provide a HIPPA Release, then the school district will follow chronic attendance guidelines and make referrals to CPS and PINS as appropriate. 

Contact Attendance Administrators:

Beekmantown Elementary School:
Mrs. Melissa Barcomb, Principal
Ms. Jennifer Mousseau, Associate Principal

Cumberland Head Elementary School:
Ms. Darcy Stoutenger, Principal
Mrs. Andrea Cartier, Dean of Students

Beekmantown Middle School:
Mrs. Duffy Nelson, Principal
Mrs. Rosemary Manchester, Associate Principal

Beekmantown High School:
Mr. Matt Bezio, Principal
Mr. Marcus Marenda, Associate Principal