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Mission & Vision Puzzle


District Mission

The mission of the district and its community is to educate every individual to be a quality contributor to society and self.

District Vision

The district shall assist each student to become the following:

1.  Responsible Citizen

  • Participates in self-improvement and in improving the quality of life of local and global communities.

  • Exhibits values which include honesty, loyalty, trust, respect and tolerance.

  • Exhibits an understanding of social, cultural, political, environmental and economic issues.

2. Self-Directed Learner

  • Assumes responsibility for and appreciates learning.

  • Sets goals, strives towards and modifies goals as needed.

  • Uses informational resources effectively.

3.  Effective Communicator

  • Utilizes language and the arts to speak, listen, read and write clearly and effectively.

  • Recognizes and uses nonverbal indicators to appropriately act and react.

4. Complex Thinker

  • Demonstrates creativity, curiosity, insight, and flexibility in making and defending decisions.

  • Effectively assesses, evaluates and interprets information for a variety of resources.

  • Uses a wide variety of thinking processes with accuracy to resolve complex issues.

5.  Health-Conscious Individual

  • Practices and maintains physical well being through fitness, hygiene, safety, self-discipline, pride and appearance.

  • Achieves and maintains emotional well being and self-confidence through self-reliance, humor, self-esteem and a positive attitude.

6.  Collaborative Worker

  • Cooperates and works effectively with people toward a common goal.

  • Listens to and respects the ideas and opinions of others.

  • Maintains individual characteristics while still being an integral part of the group.