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BCSD Hall of Fame Inducts Elaine Rice and Arthur de Grandpré

BCSD Hall of Fame Inducts Elaine Rice and Arthur de Grandpré

The Beekmantown Central School District Hall of Fame is designed to honor the individuals who, through their commitment, have sacrificed and dedicated much to the school community. These individuals have brought pride and distinction to the school district as either an educator, athlete, coach, staff member, contributor or supporter.

It is with great pride that the BCSD inducted two outstanding individuals into the Hall of Fame. Mrs. Elaine Rice and Mr. Arthur de Grandpré were honored at this year’s induction ceremony.

Elaine Rice

 After earning her Bachelor of Science from Plattsburgh State and a master’s in science from Albany State, Elaine embarked on a fulfilling journey back to her roots in the North Country. Joining the faculty at Beekmantown Central School, she initially taught English 9 before her role expanded to include English 10 and 11. As elective offerings emerged, Elaine seized the opportunity to enrich the curriculum, introducing innovative classes such as journalism, media studies, and business English. One of her proudest contributions was the development and instruction of "Writing for College," a course she continued to teach until her retirement.

Elaine's dedication to nurturing student talents extended beyond the classroom. When tasked with advising the school newspaper, The Eagles' View, she saw it as a chance to foster journalistic skills. Under her guidance, the newspaper club members embarked on enriching experiences, including attending the Empire State School Press Association fall conference sponsored by Syracuse University. Under her guidance her students found great success ultimately earning accolades such as a first-place trophy in statewide competitions during the early '70s.

     Retiring from her roles as an English teacher and department chair in 1998, Elaine's passion for education remained undiminished. She transitioned seamlessly into the role of ELA facilitator for our local BOCES, where she played a pivotal role in navigating the evolving landscape of New York State English curriculum. As liaison between the State Education Department in Albany and educators across the North Country, Elaine facilitated trainings, shared resources, and provided invaluable insights into curriculum development and student assessment strategies.

Arthur de Grandpré

Arthur’s journey into education began unexpectedly. Armed with a degree in science, he stepped into the realm of teaching when BCSD welcomed him in 1959 to instruct seventh grade mathematics. What started as a temporary stint soon evolved into a lifelong passion. The classroom became his stage, and the intricacies of math his script.

Over the span of 35 years, Art's commitment to his students knew no bounds. From shaping the minds of freshmen to guiding seniors through the complexities of advanced mathematics, he left an indelible mark on generations of learners. In 1971, his dedication and leadership were acknowledged when Principal John Glasgow and the Beekmantown Board of Education entrusted him with the mantle of Chairman of the Mathematics Department—a role he embraced until his retirement in 1995.

     Beyond the confines of the classroom, Art's influence extended to the courts as well. He found joy and fulfillment in coaching, lending his expertise to both the boys and girls basketball teams. In 1983, a new chapter unfolded as he assumed the position of Girls Varsity Basketball Coach. This role resonated deeply with him, offering not only the thrill of competition but also the opportunity to mentor and inspire young athletes. Under his guidance, the team achieved remarkable feats, culminating in an undefeated regular season. His legacy reverberated as several of his players pursued their passion for basketball at the collegiate level.

Elaine Rice and Arthur de Grandpré represent some of the great people best within the community through their actions and commitment to the school and community. Their inspiration and passion touched the lives of countless individuals that have passed through BCSD’s halls.

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How To Nominate

Is there a teach, coach or staff member who left a lasting-impression on you? Do you know someone who exemplifies passion, dedication and commitment to the Beekmantown CSD community? You can nominate them to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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